Hi all, I'm Luigi and I'm 18 years old, I am a cryptocurrency enthusiastic, I am attending the last year of the high school (technical institute with an IT specialization), I love the IT, especially the programming of software/service and in general all the networking field and the study of the hardware technology and now I'm studying a lots blockchain and non-blockchain technologies so all the things related to the cryptocurrencies field, in my free time I also love play football (I have also practiced it at medium levels, regional competitions). I'm in this world from more than one year, I've a bitcointalk account dated February 2017 and I've participated to different campaign on bitcointalk related to cryptocurrencies, I am much active as a italian translator (I've translate from English to Italian the announcements of various cryptocurrencies). This last months I've worked with some persons as a crypto consulent, I've created a table of the first 100 criptocurrencies on, but this work is dated 26 June 2017 so the first 100 criptocurrencies are now a little changed. Next to the spreadsheet of the first 100 criptocurrencies there is also a list of my 20 favourite criptocurrencies , with the explanation below. In addition to this work, I always worked for the same person by doing a detailed analysis of 20 cryptocurrency of his choice, respectively: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Nem, Monero, IOTA, Stratis, Waves, Golem, Sia coin, Ardor, Factom, Namecoin , Omni, Zcoin, LBRY, Byteball, Maidsafe, Syscoin by analyzing activity on github, economic details, percentage of cryptocurrency held by the team, weaknesses, etc...; after have worked for this person I've worked with another person giving to him financial advice on the investement on specific ICO (Initial Coin Offering) making for him some spreadsheets that analyze the cryptocurrency that I had to analyze. These last months I've continued my work as translator and I've also started to work as a bounty manager and community manager of some cryptocurrencies project on bitcointalk and telegram. You can watch a full portfolio of all my latest works on the section "My last works"


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